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Wand Nozzle

In nurseries, commercial landscaping or private gardens: in these areas, products are required which enable easy and thorough watering of beds and green areas. At the same time, working should be created as simple as possible.
This is what the WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® wand nozzle offers:
targeted and extensive watering with minimal effort and maximal comfort.


Thanks to its modular design, the wand nozzle can easily be customised. For this purpose, different spray heads, tube lengths and connection types are available. The handle made of soft PVC neutralises temperature fluctuations making gloves unnecessary. Due to its comfortable surface material and ergonomic design, the wand nozzle is comfortable to hold even after long use.

The highlight of the WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® wand nozzle is the slide valve technology. This means the waterjet can be adjusted smoothly by simply sliding the sleeve on the handle. The sleeve remains at the set position and relieves your hand during continuous spraying.


  • Robust and durable wand nozzle providing high range
  • Sophisticated technology of the handle (slide valve technology)
  • Handle made of soft PVC (pearl structure): The Wand Nozzle is comfortable to hold and neutralizes temperature fluctuations
  • Light weight – for extended and comfortable use
  • Interchangeable components
  • Connecting types compatible with standard plug profiles and coupling systems

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