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Sandblast Couplings

In blast machines and cabins as well as in stationary and mobile blast tools you usually work with sandblast couplings and nozzles holders.
This system is similar to the claw coupling - but it offers a claw distance with 58 mm. The head dimensions are always identical and interchangeable.


In the case of sandblast couplings, the hoses are assembled in the coupling - they are fixed from the outside by means of holding screws. This prevents direct contact and faster abrasion of the fittings by aggressive blasting media. It is also important to choose safety systems (DSR) in coupled mode.




  • High-quality materials
  • Robust, reliable and durable
  • Simple and fast handling
  • Increased safety due to various safety systems
  • Different sizes and connection types
  • Matching nozzle holder and sandblast throttle valve

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