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Chemical and Industrial Fittings

For applications with aggressive and challenging conditions in the chemical and industrial sector (e.g. chemical and petrochemical industry, construction industry, machine and plant manufacturing, shipbuilding, agriculture, steel  industry as well as medical technology) LÜDECKE offers extremely resistant and robust fittings.
Of course, all products meet the respective standards in order to guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability in this critical area.



  • High-quality couplings and fittings made of stainless steel 1.4401/1.4305, steel or brass
  • Sturdy, reliable, absolutely leakage-proof and durable
  • Easy handling
  • Maximum bore for maximum flow rate
  • Different sizes and connection types

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Broad Range

The LÜDECKE chemical and industrial fittings provide Kamlok quick couplings and plugs, steam screwings, thread stems as well as the tried and tested SoftFlow material conveying quick connect couplings.


Kamlok Quick Couplings and Plugs

Kamlok quick couplings are extremely robust couplings to connect large volume hoses to each other or plants. In this asymmetrical coupling system, a male and female part is locked by two handles.
This popular coupling system originates from the USA and is based on the US standard MIL-C 27487. For Europe DIN EN 14420-7 (former DIN 2828) is obligatory. The main difference is the hose assembly. Couplings according to the MIL standard use clamps whereas couplings according to DIN EN 14420-7 use forged safety clamps.

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Steam Screwings

When working with saturated steam or hot water, LÜDECKE offers solid and sturdy steam screwings made of steel, stainless steel or brass. The steam screwings are available as female and male thread screwings for safety clamps.

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Thread Stems

The LÜDECKE female and male thread stems enable direct connection or can be used as adaptors for Kamlok quick couplings, tank truckcouplings, etc.
They are available in brass as well as in stainless steel and need to be assembled with aluminium clamps.

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SoftFlow Material Conveying Quick Connect Couplings

The LÜDECKE SoftFlow material conveying quick connect couplings are a high-quality quick coupling system for pressure and vacuum conveying of bulk material or liquids (e.g. for vacuum-conveying granulate). Due to their quick coupling principle with ball shut-off and light weight, the couplings are especially easy to handle. The coupling body is made of stainless steel for less abrasion.

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