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Quick Connect Couplings with European Plug Profiles

Each application area is confronted with various challenges and sets priorities in accordance with the individual requirements. To comply to all demands, LÜDECKE offers three different lines of quick connect coupling systems with European plug profiles.




Unlimited Flexibility

The LÜDECKE Quality-Line provides high-class couplings in various sizes to cover all types of applications


  • Micro Quick Connect Couplings, Series ESMC DN 2.7
  • Mini Quick Connect Couplings, Series ESM DN 5
  • Quick Connect Couplings, Series ES DN 7.2

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Energy-Efficient Quick Connect Couplings

With our products from the LÜDECKE OptiFlow-Line, you will receive energy-optimised coupling systems which achieve higher flow rates and significantly reduce energy consumption. This leads to decreasing energy costs as well as to increasing durability and lifetime of machines and tools.


→ For series ESI1A DN 7.4 / ESI2A DN 7.4 / ESI DN 7.8 / ESIK DN 7.8 / ESIS DN 7.8 / ESIFK DN 7.8 / ESIG DN 10 / ESG DN 19

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Quick Connect Couplings For High-Safety Standards

The LÜDECKE SafeConnect-Line contains various coupling systems which provide a reliable protection against possible safety problems (e.g. whiplash-effect, high noise level, false coupling).


→ For series ESIS DN 7.8 / ES DN 7.2 / ESI DN 7.8 / ESIK DN 7.8 /
ESI1A DN 7.4 / ESI2A DN 7.4 / ESMK DN 5 / ESIFK DN 7.8

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