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MODY Spiral Hoses made of Polyurethane

MODY spiral hoses have excellent properties allowing for flexible supply of compressed air. Even after severe deformation, MODY spiral hoses retake their original shape. Despite their wide range, the spiral hoses make work much safer. We recommend to install them on the ceiling and to use high-quality, reusable and rotatable fittings with bend protection.


Advantages of the MODY Spiral Hose:

  • Flexible supply of media: Even after severe deformation, the hose retake their original shape (extreme, enduring coil memory)
  • Space saving despite a wide range
  • Best mechanical properties: high resistance to abrasion, pressure, wear and kinking
  • Free of plasticisers, heavy metals and silicone, recyclable, resistant to oil, antifreeze and fuels
  • Various sizes for diverse operations

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